Kettler Management does business in accordance with the Fair Housing Act.  We provide equal housing and service for all people regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status, or any other protected class as defined by state and local jurisdiction.
Occupancy Guidelines:
  • Maximum occupants – two (2) people per bedroom, plus one child under the age of twenty-four (24) months at the time the lease is signed
.       District of Columbia
  • Maximum occupants - two (2) people per bedroom plus one (1). Example: Five (5) people can occupy a two (2) bedroom apartment.
      Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina & New York
  • Maximum occupants – two (2) people per bedroom, plus one child under the age of eighteen (18) months at the time the lease is signed.
  • Maximum occupants - two (2) people per bedroom.  Newborns less than 15 months are exempt from this standard 
Qualification Guidelines: Each person over the age of 18 must fill out an application and is considered to be an applicant.  Each applicant must complete an application in its entirety and all information provided must be true, accurate and complete, as well as verifiable.  Income plus verified credit history will be entered into a credit scoring system, which determines both rental eligibility and security deposit level.  Criminal history will be verified and must meet the standards outlined below in order to be eligible to rent.  Each applicant’s criminal status will be individually evaluated; leaseholders’ income and credit will be combined.
Credit Worthiness: A credit report will be secured for all leaseholders to verify account credit ratings.  The results will be entered into the credit scoring model, which determines applicant eligibility to rent and security deposit level.  Unfavorable accounts which will negatively influence this score include, but are not limited to: collection, charge off, repossession and current delinquency.
Income/Employment: Gross annual income for all leaseholders is combined and entered into the credit scoring model.  Additional sources of income may be considered.
Criminal History: A criminal background check will be conducted for each applicant.  The criminal search will be run for all addresses at which the applicant(s) has resided over the previous 24 months.  The application may be rejected for criminal related reasons including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Felony conviction
  • Any terrorist related conviction
  • Any illegal drug related conviction
  • Any prostitution related conviction
  • Any sex related conviction
  • Any cruelty to animals related conviction
  • Misdemeanor conviction involving crime against persons or property
Apartment Availability: The listing of available apartments to rent is updated as each apartment becomes available.  This may occur at varying times throughout the day and accordingly, available listing at business day begin may differ from the available listing at business day end. 
Reasons for not approving an application include, but are not limited to: insufficient income, criminal record, household size exceeding occupancy limits, and falsification of the application information.